Genuine souvenirs handcrafted by local artist in Faroe Islands.


Posters, Vestmanna, Faroe Islands



made in Faroe Islands



made in Faroe Islands

Are you a tourist? Are you a local?

Now you can buy souvenirs that is acutually made in Faroe Islands.

All souvenirs on this site is handcrafted by local and creative artists all around the Faroe Islands.


Get a genuine piece of true Faroe Islands.

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This website is driven by Polarskelti – a small but very passionate family company that produces signs ie posters, banners, roadsigns, logos etc.

We have a jewelry brand called MRS. SKIPPER (visit the website here).

As an increasing and fun sidejob (instead of watching boring tv) we produce handcrafted souvenirs such as posters, magnets and images taken by us, and also from our drone.

Our souvenirs is sold from Visit Tórshavn and Smyril the ferry. Here you can see and feel the souvenirs. They also have handcrafted souvenirs from other local artists. Visit the website of Visit Tórshavn

My name is Thomas Skipper, and I am pleased to do what I can to help you. If you have any questions – speak up 🙂


Only local artist

This website is dedicated to all local artists
who live in Faroe Islands and produce handcrafted souvenirs.

This is “Made in Faroe Islands”


Are you a local artist?

Do you live in Faroe Islands and made handcrafted souvenirs?

Get in touch with us so we can put your souvenirs online for all our visitors and buyers.